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  • 5 Point Safety Harness

    Model No.: 1801009. This model of 5 point safety harness is for general fall arrest and roofing application. Big forged waist D - ring and plastic protection ring ensure the safety. Lanyard keeper helps the workers place their tool bags during walking.
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  • Scaffolding Harness Double Lanyard

    Model No.:1802014. This scaffolding harness double lanyard is a normal safety lanyard with two rebar scaffolding hooks and one snap hook and an external energy absorber. It’s useful for almost every situation. Dual legs, webbing, made of 30mm width, own high strength.
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  • Electrical Safety Shoes

    Model No.: 83010. This model of electrical safety shoes is totally metal free. And it’s always used in places with high voltage. With non metallic material ( Kevlar midsole, glass fiber toecap ), these electrical shock proof safety shoes offer extreme ventilation and are...
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  • Safety Shoes for Work

    Model No.: 83014. Made of steel toecap, steel plate, and dual-density of injection PU/PU, this model of non slip safety shoes has exceptional grip and high resistance to heat. Sole of EVA, which can be degraded, will not produce any pollution to the environment. Sandwich...
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  • Latex Coated Gloves

    Model No.: LG0140. The blue latex glove can meet your basic needs at work: excellent grip in dry and wet condition; flexibility, dexterity and durability. The abrasion resistance conforms to contours of hand for maximum dexterity. Patented dipping process allows work gloves...
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  • FR Coverall

    Model No.: M1117. This model of FR coverall is made 100% cotton FR fabric. With FR protection from electrical ARC flash and flash fire hazards, the FR fabric will not melt, drip or ignite. Its high visibility with FR reflective tapes makes the wearer much safer in dark night.
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  • Safety Lanyard with Hooks

    Model No.: 1802012. This safety lanyard with hooks ( one snap hook and one rebar hook ) is a entry-level lanyard of 6 foot. Single leg is simple style, but with high strength. Webbing, of 30mm, has high strength. One snap hook and one scaffolding hook on the endings are for...
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  • Lanyard with Safety Release

    Model No.: 1802008. This lanyard with safety release is an internal energy absorbing lanyard with snap hook and scaffolding hook for connection. And can be used for general-purpose work environments. The tubular webbing protects the internal energy absorption and ensures...
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  • Fall Protection Double Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802010. This entry-level 6 foot low-profile fall protection double lanyard comes with two scaffolding hooks and one snap hook and internal energy. Dual-leg style allows for 100% tie-off. The adjustable shock absorber is more useful.
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  • Full Body Harness with Lanyard

    Model No.: 1801006 + 1802002. This model is very popular in Latin America: a special design - the grommet in the leg. With that, everyone can adjust the leg webbing easily to work more flexibly. The 5 points of adjustment offer the user more comfort.
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  • Fall Protection Safety Belts

    Model No.: 18010013. This model of fall protection safety belts is so unique. In the waist, there is a big breathable pad for added comfort and two big D rings for positioning. In the waist pad, there is grommet for easy adjustment. Webbing has the protection of UV.
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  • Industrial Safety Belts Harnesses

    Model No.: 1801017. This model of industrial safety belts harnesses is an ideal safety harness. Fully padded straps with comfortable knitted mesh pads offers more comfort. All buckles are quick-connect
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