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  • ARC Flame Retardant Full Body Harness Lanyard

    Model No.: 1803014. This ARC flame retardant full body harness lanyard is made of heavy duty Nylon webbing. It owns two dielectric scaffolding hooks and one dielectric snap hook for quick connection. Each lanyard has been Individually inspected.
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  • Safety Shoes Cover Steel Toe Cap

    Model No.: 83011. This model of safety shoes cover steel toe cap is a fashion one with silver reflector. It ensures the safety of workers in the place with darkness. The upper made of net cloth is more breathable and comfortable. Anti-smash, Anti-static, Anti-penetration.
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  • Leather Safety Shoes

    Model No.: 83012. Made of smooth action leather, this model of leather safety shoes have good waterproof performance and shine. Anti-smash, anti-penetration, anti-static. Six rows of stainless steel shoe eyelets let you work without worries. Reinforced heel serves to shape...
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  • Velcro Safety Shoes

    Model No.: 83016. These Velcro safety shoes are very convenient and comfortable due to the magic velcro and the breathable vents. It’s easy to wear and take off. Anti-smash, anti-penetration, anti-slip, anti-static, breathable.
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  • General Purpose Safety Eye Wear With Dark Gray Lens

    This model General purpose Safety eyewear Effectively prevents group debris and chemical solutions from splashing into the eyes and damaging the face.and Can cover the face more comprehensively to enhance the protective effect.
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  • Goodyear Safety Shoes

    Model No.: 83022. Low cut Goodyear safety shoes, are a comfortable kind of work shoes. They are very simple but with nice appearance. Non-slip, anti-smash, anti-static, anti-penetration, waterproof. Stainless steel shoe eyelets are more reliable. Reinforced heels offer more...
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  • Safety Shoes Composite Toe

    Model No.: H18-1986. This model of safety shoes composite toe is almost non metallic. Non-slip, anti-smash, anti-static, anti-penetration, breathable. Glass fiber toecap, Kevlar midsole, outsole of PU/PU, reinforced heels and sides, reflectors on the heel and side ensure the...
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  • Safety Shoes for Construction

    Model No.: H18-1991. This model of is a kind of high cut safety shoes, can protect well the ankles. Non-slip, anti-smash, anti-static, anti-penetration. Made of smooth Nubuck leather, PU/PU, EVA, Grey sandwich, Kevlar, Glass fiber, latex / rubber.
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  • Industrial Safety Shoes

    Model No.: H51-8109. Made of black crazy horse leather, the industrial safety shoes look very pretty. Non-slip, anti-smash, anti-static, anti-penetration. Outsole of PU/RUBBER has better grip and heat resistance. With this pair of work shoe, people can work in general...
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  • Non Metallic Safety Shoes

    Model No.: H52-8601. To work in a place full of electric, this model of non metallic safety shoes is an ideal choice for you. Oil wax leather upper, makes the work shoes more comfortable. Non-slip, anti-smash, anti-static, anti-penetration. Outsole of PU/RUBBER is totally...
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  • Light Transparent Safety Glasses For Eye Protection

    These Light transparent safety glasses Protects against mechanical damage to the eyes, such as metal or gravel debris. Spectacle lenses and frames could be structurally strong and resistant to blows. Covered around the frame Choose us ,choose security!!
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  • Welding Safety Shoes

    Model No.: H52-8603. This model works with fire resistance stitches, additional cover with automatic taking-off device, insulated glass fiber composite toecap, Kevlar midsole. PU/RUBBER outsole offers better grip and heat resistance. Non-slip, anti-smash, anti-static,...
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