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  • Safety Harness Double Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802013. This safety harness double lanyard with three snap hooks helps the workers work at ease. External energy shock absorbing, dual legs ensure the security of workers. Individually inspection, the quality is guaranteed.
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  • Safety Harness Single Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802020. The style of this safety harness single lanyard is available, depending on your preference. Rope has a higher strength. Each lanyard is inspected individually. Two snap hooks on the endings are for quick connection.
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  • Safety Harness Shock Absorbing Lanyard

    Model No.:1802011. This safety harness shock absorbing lanyard is kind of safety belt lanyard with external energy absorber. With the shock absorbent and two snap hooks, this safety harness lanyard can be used in general environments.
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  • Safety Harness Rope

    Model No.: 1802015. This safety harness rope is a kind of restraint lanyard. Also it’s the simplest style: two loops on the both endings for connecting. Tie-back lanyard with anchorage offers superior quality.
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  • Safety Belt Double Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802017. This tie-back safety belt double lanyard has two legs, two scaffolding hooks and one carabiner. It works with the external energy absorber. Additional D ring to meet new standard, much safer.
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  • Full Body Harness and Short Restraint Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802018. This full body harness and short restraint lanyard is only of 1.5m. But it is also of great use. The ti-backs not only reduce inventory and cost, but also offer greater versatility while meeting industry safety requirements.
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  • Roof Harness Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802021. This roof harness lanyard is a kind of special lanyard. It’s steel wire rope. It can be used in extremely harsh environments -- offers extra durability and is ideal for abrasive or high-heat situation. Lanyard gets the individual inspection.
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  • Roof Fall Protection Rope

    Model No.: 1802019. This roof fall protection rope is combined with two carabiners and a shock absorber. The shock absorption is packed in a PVC sleeve and will tear out during a fall arrest.
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  • Climbing Harness Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802022. This climbing harness lanyard provides high strength that limits the force of a fall arrest. Single leg provides high strength for fall protection. The length of 1.85m, is useful for general environments. Webbing, made of 30mm width, owns high strength.
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  • Fire Retardant Safety Lanyard for Firefighting

    Model No.: 1803011. This fire retardant safety lanyard for firefighting is specifically constructed to provide char resistance. It features black flame-retardant Nomex / Kevlar webbing which are for high-heat applications.
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  • ARC Flash Flame Resistant Safety Belt Lanyard

    Model No.: 1803012. This Arc flash flame resistant safety belt lanyard features heavy duty Nylon webbing. It has one dielectric snap hook and one dielectric scaffolding hook. This safety lanyard can be used under high temperature and high voltage conditions. Single leg works...
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  • Fire Resistant Safety Harness Double Lanyard

    Model No.: 1803013. This fire resistant safety harness double lanyard features black fire resistant Nomex / Kevlar webbing. It has two scaffolding hooks and one carabiner connected with the energy absorber. Lanyard has been Individually inspected.
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