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  • Safety Harness D Ring Extension

    Model No.: 1801015. This model of safety harness D ring extension owns a special design with an extended d ring. It can match any foreseeable fall arrest working condition. It’s made of high strength polyester.
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  • Safety Harness with Back Support

    Model No.: 1801016. This model with back support and comfortable pads at the waist and thigh can provides extreme comfort during the work. Front loop point gives more options: for rescue o work positioning. It helps users work for a long time without feeling tired.
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  • Fire Resistant Safety Belt for Firefighting

    Model No.: 1803002. With fire-resistant and insulation process, this model of fire resistant safety belt for firefighting can be used in any dry and flammable environment. And with the breathable waist pad, people can be free from the tired work.
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  • Safety Belt Full Body Harness

    Model No.: 1801014. This model has a high quality and comfort: Big backpack dorsal D ring, front loop, comfortable and large pad in the waist. And the circle sewing gives people a visual enjoyment.
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  • Full Body Harness Double Lanyard

    Model No.: 1801007 & 1802005. The full body harness double lanyard is the most hot sale in Latin America. According to the new ANSI standards, the position in the waist has been strengthened. Double Big hook Lanyard, attached the U.S Style hook is just for Latin America.
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  • Industrial Full Body Harness

    Model No.: 1801011. This model of industrial full body harness can be used in the rescue work and work positioning. Integrated lanyard keeper helps the user place the tool bag during walking. Front loop is designed for rescue or work positioning.
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  • Full Body Harness with Shock Absorber

    Model No.: 1801004 + 1802004. This model of 5 points full body harness with shock absorber is very special for its webbing which is made of original colored yarn. All buckles have been thickened. Shock absorber with 100% polyamide material, provide more security.
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  • Fire Retardant Full Body Harness for Firefighting

    Model No.: 1803001. This model of fire retardant full body harness is an ideal safety harness for the firefighting work. Black webbing is made of flame-retardant Nomex / Kevlar. Kevlar stitching offers more strength and durability.
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  • Fall Protection Belt Harness

    Model No.: 1801018. This model of fall protection belt harness is a kind of basic and normal full body harness with high visibility color. Durable polyester material is lightweight and long-wearing. Reinforced sewing thread is more stronger and safer.
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  • Fall Protection Shock Absorbing Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802009. This fall protection shock absorbing lanyard with 3 snap hooks provides more safety during the work at heights. The low profile retractable lanyard looks low-key but very secure. Combine the benefits of a covered lanyard with the added convenience of an...
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  • Fall Protection Rope Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802016. This fall protection rope lanyard is an energy absorber lanyard certified to EN355. One carabiner connects with the energy absorber. It’s a kind of tie-back rope lanyard. Customized webbing color is available. Additional D-ring meets new standard.
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  • Safety Harness Adjustable Lanyard

    Model No.: 1802007. This safety harness adjustable lanyard is an economical entry-level 6 foot low-profile ( tubular ) lanyard. Come with two snap hooks and internal energy absorption. Designed for general-purpose work environments.
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