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Safety shoes specifications and standards
Nov 26, 2018

About the Safety shoes specifications and standards

Safety shoes are designed in different heights, and different parts have different names . Safety shoes standards have been developed in many countries and are commonly used in Hong Kong as BS EN ISO 20344: 2004. This EU standard describes the test criteria for the safety characteristics of safety shoes, and its performance specifications are published in a set of three standards: BS EN ISO 20345 for safety shoes, BS EN ISO 20346 for protective shoes, and BS EN ISO for professional shoes. 20347. These three types of shoes protect the user from accidental foot injuries, mainly depending on whether they are equipped with a toe toe (whether made of steel or other materials) and their ability to withstand impact and puncture.  In addition, shoes made of leather or other materials can be divided into one category, and those made of all-rubber or fully polymerized rubber can be classified into another category.

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