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safety shoes requirements of CE standards
Jan 02, 2019

The EU CE safety shoes standard divides safety shoes into six categories: SB, SBP, S1, S1P, S2, and S3. Now you are briefly introduced as follows:

SB is the most basic category in S-type safety shoes

SB safety shoes stipulate that the safety shoes are lined with wear-resistant and sweat-absorbent. The steel head with impact resistance has anti-vibration and sweat-absorbing insoles, and the outsole needs to have the advantages of wear resistance, shock resistance and slip resistance.

SBP-type safety shoes have an anti-puncture steel midsole compared to SB-type safety shoes.

Compared with SBP safety shoes, S1 safety shoes have increased the oil resistance of the outsole and the anti-static function of the outsole.


S1P safety shoes have an anti-piercing steel midsole compared to S1 safety shoes.

S2 safety shoes have added the skin anti-splash function on the basis of S1.

S3 safety shoes are the highest-specified category in the European CE EN20345:2011/EN ISO 20345:2011 standard. S3 safety shoes are based on the S2 safety shoes.

These safety shoes are designed and equipped with a tamper-proof safety toe cap that can withstand up to 100 joules of impact and 10 kN of extrusion

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